So this is another fruit one which I quite like.  There is something organic about candles and a fruit theme seems to go nicely together.  Also I like this one because the colors are very bright and cheerful.  This was on my dining room table for a few weeks and I was a little sad to see it melt as it really brightens up the room.  I LOVE the big slice of watermelon, this was quite the find.  I still find it hard to believe that people give away such wonderful candles rather than burn them.  Maybe it’s a struggle for people to “ruin” something that looks so nice.  The watermelon slices were found by my mom a couple of weeks apart and came from thrift stores and the rest of the fruit came from Dollarama.  I usually have a number of pieces of candle fruit around; they are a very common candle item theme.  I like the pictures of the big slice when it’s close to burnt out, the texture of the out covering of the candle looks like lava rock cracks to me.