Strawberry Field

So Giant Tiger was clearing out their stock of summer candles at the end of the 2011 season and I picked up these lovely strawberry candles.  Yes, candles are seasonal items; you should SEE the Christmas candles out there, thousands and thousands available.  I think I prefer busy candle gardens in general; there is lots going on and the multiple flames always look so lovely.  With more candles the melts tend to be more interesting also, to observe.  I think this simple black base looks best, I tried adding some greenery but it was just a distraction from the strawberries.  What can I say? This is a strawberry field without the field I guess.  The base used here is a PartyLite product, I really dig these bases, and the nice part is that the lip running around the edge prevents most wax spills.  I can see why people would not enjoy the type of candle where the candle holder does not hold all the melted wax, it is messy. So this one made quite a mess but fortunately was easy to clean up.