Sunflowers & Ladybugs

Sunflowers and ladybugs just seem to go together I guess.  I’ve collected a number of flower candles over time and a great many of them are sunflowers.  I’d guess there is a market for sunflower candles as they are very cheerful and summery and make for pretty candles.  I really like the ladybugs in this one because of the metallic finish; to me they look like racing ladybugs so I’m assuming they are fast movers.  The candles must have been sitting around for a while as there is a spot on top of the ladybugs where the paint is faded from exposure to sunlight.  I wonder who bought these candles and just left them sitting around and then donated them to charity, it seems like an odd thing to do.  I like this one because of the variety of sunflowers also; it’s interesting to see the different takes on the sunflower candle.  The large buckets are very nice, I picked these ones up at Giant Tiger, they were on sale for 2 bucks, summer clearance item…..yes candles are considered to be seasonal items, this may seem odd but trust me I wouldn’t make up stories about clearance items, this is a sacred topic for a hard core shopper like me.  I also like this one because it throws a lot of light and heat; it cozied up my basement while lit.  I used ceramic floor tiles as the base, I had started with a single base but the sunflower candles just kept coming in so I had to expand it.  I know that now that I’ve melted this one I’ll come across more sunflower candles so perhaps I’ll have to do a second one dedicated to sunflowers some day.