Teddy Bear Picnic

This is one that took a while to pull together.  I had bought the green pillar candles over time, there was a thrift store that had a ton of these pillar candles in a variety of sizes and shapes and colors.  It looked to me like some store closed down their candle section and gave their inventory to charity.  I had the idea for a teddy bear picnic when I got the little bear.  Whenever I see a teddy bear I think of that teddy bear’s picnic song so I naturally associate brown bears with picnics.  Yeah that might be weird I get it, it’s just how it is.  So a couple of weeks later my mom found the big teddy bear and the picnic was ON.  I just had to collect some tiny teaset stuff that my mom already had…..this was stuff she put away for the time when she had a granddaughter.  No worries, my kiddo now has this set to play with and her bears picnic with it also.  The food candles were gathered over time, there are usually lots of food related candles around.  My mom provided the red checkered napkin for the blanket, when I asked her to keep her eye out for one she knew exactly what I was looking for, which is the usual with my mom, she’s amazing.  The melt was pretty interesting, I love how the little bear left only his feet behind.  In the pictures before lighting, the bears look overwhelmed by all the food….after the melt the big bear looks sad that little bear has melted away, he has a wax stream on his head that looks like tears.  Yes I am sentimental about bear shaped candles, my daughter has 2 bear teddy bears that she loves (brown bear & polar bear) that have been with her since birth and I can’t help but love teddy bears.