This was inspired by these lovely candles I picked up at Giant Tiger during their summer clearance.  The big tulips are really nice, they look very life-like and I love the bulbs at the bottom.  The little tulip flower are cute too, they are detailed and look very pretty.  I really like these flowers, flower shape candles are very common but they aren’t always this well done.  Whenever I see tulips I think about the time when tulips were used as currency and I marvel at this concept.  I do understand that currency can be based on tangibles such as tea or gold bouillon…..but flowers as money is beyond my comprehension.  Imagine being a tulip tycoon….something about it just doesn’t seem right, I think conceptually flowers and ruthless rich dudes instinctively clash.  It’s interesting that we can take such a delicate and innocent product of nature and sully it by associating it with human greed.  I like to think that those of us who have good relationships are the richest.  Money is good too though, maybe money can’t buy love but it can sure buy you some freedom.