Turkey Talk

I’ve read a few definitions of the phrase talk turkey and I one I choose to accept is the idea that it stemmed from conversations between North American natives and Pilgrims back in the day.  If the idea of talking turkey is to get down to business and talk plainly about the matter at hand, it makes sense to me that it would originate from natives asking the pilgrims who came to trade with them if they were there to talk turkey, which would be the business at hand since turkey was a valuable commodity.  These turkeys are not talking turkey, they are just chatting actually.  They both look not too bright so I can’t imagine that anybody would sent them off to discuss serious business, this seems unlikely to me so this must be a social conversation.  Maybe they talk about their thanksgiving plans……At any rate I liked the look of these turkey candle holders so I made a small candle garden so they could be captured on film.  The holders are quite delicate, I ripped off a turkey’s head accidently when I picked it up so it had to be glued back together and the one turkey is shorter than the other one.  I quite like the small mini candles with the pattern on the side, I think the combination of the wax color and the brown detailed drawing has a country-ish look to it and I think it goes well with the turkeys.