Valentine Garden – 2011

This is the garden I did for Valentine’s Day 2011.  My 6 year-old daughter enjoys creating candle gardens for specific themed days.  Finding heart shaped candles is not hard, they are everywhere around Valentine’s Day and can be found in thrift stores all year long.  I like the gold glitter candles; they are a little bit over the top but very eye catching and appropriate for this theme.  Next year I’m going to look for some ceramic cherubs to add to the mix, I’ve already collected some new heart shaped candles.  I find the candle gardens that I build for a specific theme day don’t really come out as nice as the ones where inspiration grabs me.  I suppose I find them too generic for my taste, in general.  The lady bug (“love bug”) that is part of this candle came from the original set of 4 candles that inspired me to start building candle gardens.