Venus de Milo

When my mom brought me this candle I was blow away.  Seriously, I never would have thought that such a beautiful candle existed.  I can’t imagine when or why it was made.  I used some cake holders as pillars, and some plastic leaves to add color and texture to the arrangement.  I think that a candle as fabulous as this one does not necessarily need to be in a fancy arrangement, that it can stand on its own, but I did try to accentuate without overshadowing the main attraction.  I love how the pictures turned out, the lighting of the tea light candles really added some interesting light reflections on the main candle.  I’m also fond of the pictures taken from around and behind the statue, there is something about the angles of the shots taken that really appeals to me… you’re outside the building looking in at the statue inside.  I heartily approve of candles based on classic statues; I’m hoping to come across a David or a Thinker one day…although that’s pretty greedy of me, considering I’ve already unexpectedly found a Venus de Milo to work with.  This candle find made my week almost, it’s just so amazing to me that these things exist seemingly at random…..seriously, who has an actual requirement for a Venus de Milo shaped candle?  How is this necessary?  It’s just so random it’s quite appealing to me.