Victorian Bears at Home

These Victorian bears have been seen in a museum setting before and this arrangement is where they live.  This was inspired by the black and white abstract tea light holders, when my mom gave them to me I immediately thought that they could be used as wallpaper in the teddy bear’s home, it looked super Victorian style to me.  The tiny furniture is from my mom also, and has since been given to my daughter to play with.  Whenever she plays with stuff that has been used in a candle garden she’ll mention it, it seems to please her when her toys have history with my weird hobby.  The big brown base candle piece with the flowers at the bottom seemed to work well with the Victorian theme so I included it.  I love the tiny furniture, I seem to be programmed to enjoy miniature things….I figure why fight it?  I’ve learned to embrace my appreciation for tiny objects, life is short I try to remember this and take pleasure in the day to day stuff…….which is why I enjoy my hobby so much.