Victorian Bears at the Museum

My mom brought me these bears to use in a candle garden because she thought they were so cute.  We both have a thing for teddy bears because of my daughter’s influence, I blame her entirely.  I like the idea of teddy bears being elegant ladies; it’s so absurd it’s appealing.  This is the first garden I’ve used them in but I do have other plans for them.  This is a museum setting, mostly due to the amazing candle which has 2 great portraits on it.  Seriously, this is a right rare candle; I’ve never seen anything like it before.  I also think that the gold gilded mask is quite something and it looks like it could pass for a museum statue.  The blue candle I bought at Hallmark, it was a little pricey compared to what I’ve paid for other candles but I really like the base so I had to have it.  I suppose in this setting it’s some sort of abstract art statue or perhaps just a fancy museum column.  I think the chair is supposed to be a Christmas ornament….when I added the chair I put one of the bears sitting on it, but my daughter said that it was a museum piece, like an antique chair and the bears might break it if they sit on it……so it’s just for show I guess.  I held on to this arrangement for quite a while, a few months which is a lot for me.  I had a hard time picking a base to go with this arrangement, nothing seemed quite right so I settled for white marble look, seemed appropriate for a museum.