Victorian Bears Kitchen

This is the kitchen in the house where the Victorian Bears live, but they don’t spend much time in here because they have a chef who cooks for them.  Their live in chef is preparing a whole whack of fancy pies for a party the bears are having.  He is a very talented pastry chef and they really appreciate his work as their parties are the talk of the town.  The other bears in their social circle vie for invitations to their parties so they can see and be seen.  This chef really enjoys his work and making beautiful desserts is his favorite kitchen activity.  I was inspired to do this garden because of the chef bear, my mom picked him up she seem to have a weakness for bear figurines, secondary to her love of elephant figurines of course.  I had him in mind to do a kitchen scene but I needed some Victorian kitchen appliances.  Sure enough I came across this stove at a flea market and I picked it up for $5.  Flea markets are interesting places but I don’t really come across many candles.  If I am looking for something specific I’ll go to one flea market or another and I’ve always found just the thing.  What I find really neat about flea market folks is how they seem to know exactly what they have, no matter what volume of items they are carrying, it’s kind of eerie….what looks like a pile of random stuff to me is apparently a fully catalogued inventory to a seller and they can dive in and pull out whatever is asked for.  It’s almost like magic.  Definitely worth the price of admission.