Victorian Bears Sitting Room

The Victorian Bears were given to me by my mom because she liked the look of them and I’ve created a series of candle gardens for them.  This garden is their sitting room where they entertain guests, like a parlor.  The inspiration for this arrangement is the couch; it’s a gorgeous candle, one of the best ones I’ve seen.  The upholstery texture is actually carved into the wax and the attention to detail is astonishing.  This candle was found by my mom, she picked it up off a shelf in a thrift store as she thought it might make a good couch for the bears, thinking it was an ornament.  She was very happy to discover that it’s actually a candle. When she gave it to me I was like OMG couch candle!  The Victorian Bears have a very good life and here they are enjoying their tea-time in the parlor.  I imagine they are discussing important matters such as the new style of corsets or perhaps they are gossiping about the neighbor woman who shows too much ankle… know, tea-time talk, that sort of thing.