Watermelon Red

What to do when your collection of red candles becomes unmanageable?  Create a watermelon themed garden, of course.  The best part of this one is the wonderful and unique watermelon taper candles, these look amazing!  I love the tray as well, it looks like a cafeteria tray but it has a beautiful design with red flowers on it.  I love the retro look of the tray and the deep dark red of the flowers.  I tried to choose red candles where the shade of red matched.  It may seem simple to most but I find that red is a very tough color to get right.  Personally I dislike bright fire engine red, I prefer red shades with black in them.  So it turns out that watermelon red is not an actual color but rather a range of colors, all of which should make you crave juicy sweet watermelon-y goodness.