Wedding Dream

I called this one wedding dream because the large pieces with the tiny people seem like something you would dream.  I love the pearled pillar candles, these are amazing looking and a neat concept for a candle overall.  I have a number of candle pieces that could be used for a wedding themed candle garden so I’ll probably be making more of these.  I think that the tiny bride is dreaming that this is her wedding day.  The size of the pieces around her are an indication of the importance and intimidating nature of this event……weddings are larger than life events and brides are characters playing a role rather than people.  I worked in the hospitality industry for many years and I worked many weddings in my day and humored many a bridezilla…..I don’t miss it much I can tell you that.  If I had to give any advice to anybody who manages brides on their big day, it would be to not let them have too much champagne before dinner on an empty stomach; this may make them unreasonable and emotional, not a good combination.  At any rate, this is the first wedding themed candle garden I’ve attempted and I think it’s pretty good actually.  The groom is missing half his face but it’s not some kind of statement, just how that piece came in is all.