Wee Wizard in the Alchemy Lab

This is a Wee Wizard candle, which is apparently hand made by a company called Northern Lights.  The wizard candle is a very high quality one, so kudos to Northern Lights.  It came with a cute poem about how the Wee Wizards brighten up your day.  It looked amazing and burned wonderfully, I have nothing but high regard for the Wee Wizard candle line.  This wizard is clearly in his alchemy lab, as everything is gold.  This guy is really good at his job it seems.  The path he is on that has the moon, sun, and stars came from a set of Christmas taper candles, of all places.  The ball shaped candle was first used in the Lego Indiana Jones in the Jungle candle garden a few months before this one.  The base for this candle garden is a marble countertop I have in my basement family room.  I guess it’s supposed to be a “dry bar”.  The only reason I haven’t ripped it out to create more space in the basement is because it’s turned out to be a good base for a larger candle garden or one that needs to be spread out quite a bit.  Most of the bases I use are fairly small. The rest of the candles in this one come from various thrift stores and were picked up at various times, once I had the wizard it all came together as an alchemy lab.