Winged Fairies on a Leaf

This candle base is officially the nicest one I own and this is the first garden I’ve done with it.  The leaf is from Partylite and I think it’s simply gorgeous.  I have a friend who is a Partylite consultant and I buy all my Partylite stuff through her.  Their stuff is pricey but the quality is unbelievable, I’ve never been disappointed and my expectations have most definitely been exceeded at times……and I’m super picky about candle stuff.  The winged fairies were given to me by my mom and I think they are beautiful, I fell in love with them and I will definitely be using them again.  These fairies are hanging out in fairy land and it is beautiful there this time of year.  It’s the fall time in fairy land and the leaves turn to glass when they fall to the ground in this magical world.  The fairies are enjoying the last of the nice weather before winter comes.  They will be active in winter also, but the fall is particularly magical because of the transformation of the leaves.