Yellow & Green Butterflies

The tray used in this candle garden is super retro-old-timey and I love it!  It’s got a great lip on it, which is perfect for candle stuff so the wax doesn’t make a huge mess on the table.  There is a lovely pattern on the tray which you can only see glimpses of because of the shiny green pebbles.  I love the colors of this one in particular, very bright and summery.  The round candle is quite nice also, I like the dragonflies and butterflies, and the painted pot adds a nice touch.  I had a hard time deciding if this was a “Nature” category or an “Animals” category for some reason.  Honestly sometimes the most difficult part of building a candle garden is figuring out what category it belongs to, as strange as that sounds.  I am a librarian by nature and most things in my life have specific and distinct categories which exist within hierarchical data structures where categories roll up into other categories….I struggle when things exist simultaneously in more than a single category, as they often do.  Categorization is one approach to finding order in chaos.