Zoobles Zoo

My daughter donated the Zoobles for this zoo.  This garden was inspired by the 3 metal candle holders that have been turned upside down and used as the cages.  Once I picked these up it occurred to me that they looked like cages and eventually I latched onto the idea of putting Zoobles in the cages.  I ended up using the Zoobles because to me they look like alien pets and building an alien landscape is fun and works the creative juices.  I have plans to build more Zooble themed gardens as they are amongst my favorite to build……whenever I come across really funky abstract candles I put them into my “Zoobles” bucket so I can use them to build more alien landscapes.  I imagine that the Zooble planet is similar to Earth in that there are various types of terrain, so the sky is the limit as far as Zooble candle garden potential goes.  I thought it was interesting that some of the Zoobles actually look rather sad in the pictures…..I guess when you are taking a picture of an animal (or alien pet) through bars it just adds sadness to the view.